Policies Matter: Final Report, Additional Products

A. Priorities and Action Plans
On May 16, 2013, the Policies Matter Project hosted a Community Forum which brought together more than 50 representatives from diverse organizations that address violence against women. During the afternoon session, Forum participants engaged in exercises to collaboratively identify policy priorities for violence against women advocates and develop action plans for moving forward in each priority area. Click here to download the Priorities and Action Plans in PDF format

B. Evaluation Methodology
In any project, it is important to develop a clear theory of change, logic model and outcomes and indicators for evaluation planning. These together provide a clear picture of what the project is aiming to achieve so that the evaluation work remains focused and relevant.
Click here to download the a summary of the Evaluation Methodology
Click here to download the Logic Model in PDF format
Click here to download the Project Outcomes and Indicators in PDF format
Click here to download the Evaluation Report in PDF format

C: Pilot Projects
In Year 2 of the Policies Matter Project, we set the stage for achieving an impact beyond the lifespan of the project by engaging in projects that address policy intersections and contradictions.
Click here to download information regarding the Pilot Projects in PDF format

D. Policy Impacts
During the Policies Matter Project a policy review was undertaken. While not exhaustive, the review compiled in one document the most relevant legislation, policies, procedures and practices for women who experience violence and links the impact of policy to dimensions of safety.
Click here to download the List of Policy Impacts Relative to the Dimensions of Safety in PDF format