Community Initiatives

Organizations addressing violence against women issues, like many not-for-profit organizations and community-based organizations, are working hard to deliver services in an increasingly competitive environment where they are required to do more with fewer resources.  While there are often resources for initiatives that address service delivery improvement through research, service redesign and/or service provider training, policy level work (e.g., advocacy) has been and continues to be under-resourced and negatively received by decision makers.  Therefore, while there may be a multitude of systemic issues to address, the capacity of service providers and advocates to address these is limited. 

Nevertheless, violence against women organizations and allies have worked and continue to work to counter the negative impact of policy and negative policy intersections on women. Please contact WomanACT at or 416-944-9242 to share information regarding policy related community initiatives that have not been captured here.

Click here to download a list of Community Initiatives Addressing Policy Impacts and Intersections in PDF format.

Presented HERE are some examples of initiatives that are underway to address negative policy impacts.